Your pet is a part of your loving family, and you are passionate about providing only the best quality products and accessories to him/her. The Frekies Pet Shop understands that 100%, which is why anything that is bought from our store is of the highest grade and quality. Because we know what your pet means to you. 

Frekies Pet Shop caters for your dog, cat, small animals, birds, reptiles and fish with superior pet products made especially for them. We supply a span of retailers in our area, which means that you will find our products fairly easily in the immediate vasinity of where we are located in the East Rand!

We aim to offer you all the resources you need to ensure your pet leads a healthy and exciting lifestyle. Seeing as pets require lots of TLC and your constant attention, Frekies Pet Shop strives to make your life easier and your pets life happier by providing you with easy-to-use, cost-effective products to take care of your pets in the best way possible as well as treats & toys that are not only appealing but are just what your pet needs to have a balanced body & mind.

We Supply a variaty of brands such as Supreme, Tip Top, Whiskas, Bow Wow, Mufasa, Complete, Jock, Catmore, K9, Leroy and much, much more!!

Visit our store or give us a call, One of our friendly advisors are happy to attend to yours and your pets requirements!